Saturday, February 9, 2008

Indoor Herb Garden, check!

Went to the National Cathedral this afternoon with some friends and toured around the garden (most of which was dormant, but there were some buds). On the way out, stopped by their greenhouse and purchased one small basil and one small rosemary plant to grow indoors.

That's one off my list!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy New Year!

Broccoli fried rice
Serves 1 hungry grad student

1 cup broccoli florets
2 slices marinated tofu, cubed (about an ounce?) (this tofu had been marinating in a mixture of soy, sesame oil, minced ginger, garlic, and rice vinegar for over 24 hours)
1 green onion, sliced and divided into top and bottom
leftover rice (cold is best), approx. 2 cups?
1 egg
sesame seeds

sriracha (affectionately known as "cock sauce") and nam pla (commonly known as "fish sauce") for seasoning

Equipment requirements: Gas range (sorry, I am a stickler for gas, just not the same otherwise), good ol' seasoned wok pan

1. Heat a little veg oil in a wok pan over high heat (okay, about a Tbsp). When oil is hot, toss in sliced onion bottoms and tofu. Stir-fry until tofu is crisp. Add broccoli and a little of the tofu marinade. Cover wok with lid, lower heat slightly and steam for 1-2 minutes until broccoli turns color and starts to soften.
2. Turn heat up to high again, add rice, stir to break up chunks (this takes a little practice), until rice is uniformly separated and all white bits are incorporated. If you like your rice a little crispy, kind of mash it down flat and let it cook for a minute or so, then continue to stir. Season with sriracha and fish sauce, if desired.
3. When rice has reached desired doneness, crack egg in and mix it in, stirring until egg is cooked. Add reserved green onion top and sesame seeds to taste. Plop into a bowl and enjoy.


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