Monday, February 2, 2009

Great Job!

In the spirit of writing more often, I am taking a few minutes to dash off my Week 4 of the Getting Started Bento Challenge goals for this week. The theme for this week is "Making bentos for others," and I might just start making bentos for a coworker this week in addition to myself and M. (who doesn't typically need a lunch bento every weekday, anyway):

* Re-organize freezer and designate a bento box for my bento "stash" (johbisai)
* Designate a section of the fridge for the same purpose
* Come up with a set list of stash items to keep on hand near-constantly (such as tofu, carrots, and canned tuna)
* At least plan (and possibly even make!) one lunch for my coworker this week
* Plan dinner bentos for next Tuesday's Korean class (the bento dinners for this week kind of made themselves; M ended up not needing his bento lunch for today so it's carrying over into tomorrow for our dinner)

Busy busy. The weekend filled up with socializing and subsequently flew by. Tonight we went to Matchbox for dinner (my weekend activities prevented me from having the time/energy to prepare dinner bentos for tonight) before catching the Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! 2009 tour performance at the "6th and I historic synagogue." We were wondering why the synagogue changed their name to the "6th and I historic synagogue" from the perfectly respectable "Adas Israel." I would not really recommend Matchbox (we got their pizza, which doesn't really measure up to either Paradiso or 2 Amy's). Seeing Awesome Show in a synagogue was oddly appropriate. Loved Tim and Eric's spandex jumpsuits with glow in the dark details!



Rebecca said...

Hey Jamie. Followed your advice on FB to check out your blog...looks like you're having fun! I just had to pipe up to answer your question...the reason the synagogue changed its name is that the congregation Adas Israel sold the building when it moved decades ago to Cleveland Park, where their current building is. The building at Sixth and I was operating as a church for half a century until a Jewish group bought it back a few years ago. So they can't call it Adas Israel because Adas Israel is in Cleveland Park. I'm sure that's way more information than you needed, but there you go.

Hope you're doing well...happy cooking!

Rebecca :)

Jaemus said...

Hey Rebecca, thanks for the clarification, and no, that wasn't too much information.

Have you been cooking much lately? Likewise, hope that you're doing well!



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