Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sick day: Scrambled egg and rice

Home sick from work today (aches, chills, feverish, tired, etc). Trying to rest up and get better before we head to the Outer Banks for Columbus Day weekend. This afternoon, after waking up from a long nap, I decided that rice and a scrambled egg sounded good for dinner, so I put a pot of brown rice on while I did other things, and when the rice was done, quickly scrambled an egg in peanut oil in the wok and topped the rice with it, finishing with a drizzle of sesame oil. Yum.

Here's how I did the egg:

one egg
peanut or other oil for frying
A generous teaspoon of minced fresh ginger root
dash of soy sauce
freshly ground black pepper
sesame oil, to finish
(I didn't have scallions but would have added some if I did, for color and flavor)

Heat the wok on medium heat (if you want softer curds, like I did), adding about a teaspoon or a little more of oil. Meanwhile, mix up the egg in a small bowl, adding a bit of water (couple Tablespoons?) to thin it out, and a splash of soy sauce. When oil is heated, add ginger and stir-fry until fragrant. Add egg and swirl around wok pan to coat (trying to get as much volume out of the egg as possible). After a few seconds, stir to develop curds. Turn off heat just before egg curds are set to let them finish.

Put desired amount of rice in a bowl and top with scrambled egg, a bit of sesame oil, and freshly ground black pepper. Serves one convalescent (or just hungry person).


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

whoa, that sounds awesome.

Jaemus said...

Thanks for reading, and for your comment. You reminded me that I should make this again sometime soon, whether or not I'm sick!

(Note: I deleted your first post because it was kind of redundant)


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