Sunday, September 2, 2007

A little restauranted out

Friday: Bukom Cafe in Adams Morgan
Saturday: Havabite eatery in Farifax, Vienna Inn in Vienna (VA)
Sunday: Amphora diner, Vienna (VA)

As much as I love discovering new foods and getting a break from the kitchen once in a while, I'm actually looking forward to getting back to "normal" life (i.e., not eating in restaurants every day while M's parents were visiting). Perfect timing, as it's now September and I still plan to honor my "locavore challenge." The keyword there is "challenge" : I've already "fudged" a bit but to my credit, all three of the things I've ordered in restaurants so far in September have been vegetarian (which was one of my goals):

Havabite: Greek mezze plate (hummus, taramosalata-- okay, so I'm not counting fish -- eggs, tzatziki, pepperoncini, olives, pita, feta, tomatoes and cucumbers
Vienna Inn: Veggie 5-bean "heirloom" (whatever that means in their context) chili with cheese
Amphora: cheese blintzes (with overly cornstarched strawberry "sauce" and sour cream on the side. I also stole bites of M's Eggs Benedict, which I guess is a cheat)

A review of Bukom cafe is in order (highly recommended for some items) but for now I'm going to stop here. My NYC report is also overdue!

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