Friday, January 16, 2009

End of the week bento

I've decided to take Just Bento's Getting Started with Bento 5 week challenge. Here is a breakdown of my bento for today, which took about 10-15 minutes to put together (I just had to make the carrots and omelette):

-short-grain brown rice; steamed blue potatoes with rosemary from last night
-one egg, mixed with some milk and dried thyme, made into a thin omelette and filled with about half a can of salmon, cut into strips
-one carrot, cut up and simmered with a bit of water, honey, and cinnamon, cooked until soft and the liquid evaporated
-leftover cabbage from last night (cooked with cider vinegar, onion, apple, caraway seeds)

I'm interested to see how the flavors of today's bento will go together. I thought that the cinnamon in the carrots might complement the caraway in the cabbage, and I decided to just make them sweet as opposed to sweet and sour (my original plan), since the cabbage contains vinegar.

I'm also trying to keep track of how long I can go in the afternoon after eating my bento before I start to get hungry.


Anastasia said...

Ooo, bento challenge! This sounds fun; do you maybe want to swap bento prompts or something?
Today I felt like cooking something insane and LOLtastic and the result was TEMPEH BUFFALO WINGS (seasoned/breaded tempeh in a crazy wing sauce). Verdict will come when I have shared them with friends tomorrow.

Jaemus said...

Sure, yeah, not sure what that would look like (swappin' prompts) but I'm up for it! This week I want to make something with either shirataki or konnyaku.

Wow, I bet I can guess what you drank with them (BEER). Did you also serve with the requisite trad buffalo wings accompaniment of celery sticks? (obviously there is something wrong with you if you didn't ;P) ...and? Verdict?


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