Monday, January 25, 2010

A couch, a t.v., and tuna melts

Yesterday, thanks to the generosity of a coworker of mine and her husband, who are moving house (and seriously downsizing), we acquired several pieces of furniture and a few household items. Among other things, we now have a couch! And a t.v.! And a desk, which I am now typing on!

And, additionally, something which M was particularly excited for: a toaster oven. Prior to this, we only had three gas burners and made toast one piece of bread at a time in a pan. Now, he can make his beloved broiler sandwiches. For lunch today we had open-faced tuna melts, the tuna spiced with ground coriander, garam masala and a bit of gochu karu (red pepper powder). Very tasty. Looking forward to seeing what else we can make in that toaster oven.

Thanks again L and D!


eilismaura said...

toaster ovens are GREAT!!!! you can do nearly everything/anything in them!! I will be roasting some veg in mine later today

Jaemus said...

Roasted veg, that would be awesome! Please pass any tips along my way, much appreciated. I didn't really grow up with a toaster oven, so the only uses I've put one to are for open faced sandwiches and actual toast. I've heard you can do things like roast and bake with it though.


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