Wednesday, April 20, 2011

43 Thailand #9: Runny Eggs

Fried egg over easy with curries
at a rest stop on our way to Loei
With Easter around the corner, here I am writing about eggs that I ate in Thailand four months ago...

I love runny eggs, a newish development. Growing up I always insisted on "medium hard" (though I enjoyed everything from liver and onions to kimchi and was an adventurous eater compared to my peers, I was still kind of a finicky kid in some ways). Hard boiled was too dry and crumbly, but, without getting too macabre about it, the runny-ness just felt...wrong.

I don't know when my conversion happened exactly. It might have been while traveling in Japan, mixing natto with a raw egg yolk and eating it over hot rice for breakfast. But however it happened, now I only like my eggs drippy, otherwise they're not worth eating. M's the same way. The yolk basically becomes a condiment for whatever you pair it with.

Soft boiled eggs eaten with
End of the World Chicken
From my experiences, Thai cooks "get" the egg thing, whether soft boiled and served with End of the World Chicken, or, M's favorite, fried over easy and served over gai pad kapao (Thai basil chicken) and rice - he says he could eat this every day. His favorite was the takeout order that T. picked up for us in Chiang Mai to sustain us on our overnight bus to Khon Kaen (Unfortunately I was sick with some kind of food poisoning/stomach bug so couldn't enjoy it, but at least M. was able to...). It's a great combination that I'd like to try at home one of these days, when I get around to making my own: The creaminess of the yolk curbs the chile bite in the kapao.

(No chicken-egg jokes, please... )


JulieAnn said...

Ick the thought of natto mixed with egg yolk is... ew....
My Japanese roommate got me to try some natto and I am not a fan.

Sonja said...

Yum! 100% with you on yolk as condiment...I like mine over a bed of spinach :)

Jaemus said...

Oh, I love natto - and the egg makes it so silky! But yeah I could see where it wouldn't be for everyone.

Do you like runny eggs otherwise?

JulieAnn said...

I don't think I've even tried a runny egg in many years. Maybe I should? I should be more adventurous!


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