Sunday, May 15, 2011

Daelim: A Photo Essay

Well, midterms have come and gone, and as usual I have a backlog of things to write about. Here's one for starters...

A few weeks ago, on Easter, M. and I, along with a friend, went to one of our favorite areas in Seoul, Daelim, for some Northeastern Chinese food and a sunny Sunday afternoon stroll.

The area around Daelim station, on Line 2, is known as a Korean Chinese area, where many Joseon-jok, or Chinese-born Koreans, live. There's fresh and cheap produce, including cilantro (a relatively rare find here), numerous dumpling and noodle shops, dog hot pot restaurants and grocery stores selling everything from spices to dried noodles to baijiu (a.k.a. Chinese "white lightning") if you want it. I typically go there to get cilantro, plump shallots, and ginger root, and get another bottle of my favorite Chinese black vinegar when I run out (it's great stir-fried with eggplant).

Though I plan to write more about this in the near future, for my first post about Daelim I thought I'd let the pictures speak for themselves.

Promoting an international dialing code from Korea to China

Selling jewelry on the street in front of a sign for a 24-hour hot pot restaurant

Stir-fried lamb with two kinds of chiles

Beef soup noodles

Plump boiled dumplings (shui jiao 水饺) stuffed with ground pork and celery

Mixing alcohol

Produce and pickles on display outside a small shop (I bought shallots and garlic here)

Selling baozi 包子

Baijiu 白酒 on display in a shop

Mixed script sign advertising "Hometown dog meat hot pot"


T said...


Great to see you finally got some of the pictures from Daelim uploaded. It's really one of the areas with the most unique atmosphere in Seoul. Funny story, last time we went there right, out the exit we were approached by one of those girls advertising international calling cards. Turned out to be one of SJ's friends from middle school!

Jaemus said...

Hi T~

Yeah, hoping to write about it more soon.

That's pretty funny. Where did she go to middle school - was it around there?

Any plans to go back soon? I'm always up for going to Daelim...

T said...

No, the funny thing is that it was back in China, in the Joeseonjjok(sp?) area.
I really want to go back to Daelim, but I'm having serious trouble fitting all the stuff I need to do into the limited free hours I have:S

Jaemus said...

Oh right, I forgot she went to middle school in China...

Ah, grad school.


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