Thursday, August 30, 2007

Annie's Grill in Fredericksburg

I'm back in school, which means that posts are going to get few and farther between, but I did want to put in a plug for Annie's Grill in Fredericksburg, VA, where we ate last weekend with M's parents.

It's on Princess Anne Street, a couple streets up the hill off the main drag (unfortunately I do not have the street address). If you go there, order the honey-dipped fried chicken. It cost a little over $6 for half a chicken, two sides and bread. For sides, there's homemade mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, batter-fried okra, stewed kale, beans, pickled beets, and probably a few that I'm missing.

The chicken was much better than we were expecting: tender insides and shatteringly crispy skin. Our server (who was also half the fun of this place, he was very entertaining) admitted a little sheepishly that they got the chicken pre-frozen, which made me wonder if the freezing might contribute to the frying.

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