Wednesday, August 8, 2007


So I think like any other goal I've pursued, whether it's meditation or less negativity, the process benefits by having clear guidelines. I'm posting them here as encouragement for myself more than anything else.

-olive oil, rice, dried beans, spices, citrus fruits (for now), rice stick and other Asian staples, alcohol (wine and beer)
-Eating in restaurants when we travel (I also want to support local businesses even if not everything they serve on the menu is "local" in a simplistic food miles sense)

Try for:
-Only buying produce from the farmer's market until it closes (with rare exceptions)
-Only eating meat that was grass-fed and sustainably raised
-Doing some canning this fall

Personal goals:
-Make own cheese, yoghurt, and bread (and try to source local milk and flour)
-Grow herbs indoors in the winter
-Grow as many veg as possible in the summer
-Subscribe to a CSA (if I find that it works out financially for us)

Absolutely not:
bananas, factory-farmed meat

Work in Progress...


Lindabeekeeper said...

You might want to try some local wines. There are some reasonably good ones in Va and MD. And, it's fun going wine tasting.

You might also find some local brew pubs that can sell you some beer.

Jaemus said...

Yeah, I try to do that normally actually. I'm a big fan of microbrews and local wines. I moved to D.C. from Seattle, so I'm used to being spoiled as far as microbrews go! I didn't put that on my list because I'm not ready to give up my PNW microbrews yet (if ever). Plus, I would need to do a little investigating if I really wanted to be conscientious about sustainability to see where 'local' brewed beers source their ingredients (wheat, hops etc).

Thanks for the tip though.


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