Thursday, August 2, 2007

Allman's barbecue

Just returned from our extended weekend in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, at the invitation of some friends of ours. Prior to leaving, I had hopefully written here that I planned to return and write about our roadfood finds. Unfortunately, it appeared that while Avon, NC and surrounding towns were filled with restaurants bearing clever names like "Dirty Dick's" (slogan: "I got my crabs at Dirty Dick's!") and "The Froggy Dog," none were recommended by our hosts as sources for good eating. The beach was great, and we prepared some excellent food in the beach house kitchen, just no restaurant eating.

As it turns out, the only place we ended up going to en route (both ways) was Allman's barbecue in Fredericksburg, VA. This marked the second time that we had been to Allman's. On the way down to Fredericksburg we had been racking our brains trying to remember the name of the BBQ place in Fredericksburg that we had patronized back in February (at one point understandably guessing Attman's, which is the name of the Jewish deli that we had a late lunch at while celebrating our anniversary in Baltimore last month) and were finally saved by a stray paper stuffed under the seat that I had scribbled on after our memorable meal.This time we went to their drive-through on Highway 3, as opposed to the restaurant on Jeff Davis Highway (aka Highway 1).

Here at the drive-through unfortunately, you could not order their tasty fries, so we ordered three barbecue pork sandwiches (you can have them either "minced" or "sliced") -- M and I got ours topped with coleslaw, and our friend Mike got one plain. We also ordered sides of baked beans, and unsweetened (once again, for pre-sweetened tea I guess you have to go to the sit-down restaurant!) iced tea. Each sandwich came in its own bag with two containers of barbecue sauce each and three sugar packets for the tea. The grand total came out to be just over $20. Barbecue is the thing to get here; they also serve malts which we recall (the chocolate version at least) as being fairly mediocre (a little too icy) from last time.

We ate this spread in the hot car in the parking lot, savoring the beans even as their temperature matched that of the surrounding air. Their beans have a rich molasses flavor --yum. The meat I found to be a little dry (drier than last time) but the vinegary sauce saved it.

Currently Allman's doesn't seem to have a website up, but you can read about the place here

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