Saturday, February 7, 2009

Two meals, back to back: A study in contrasts

Here's what we had for breakfast at home this morning:

Thai-style jook with steamed pork meatballs (thanks for the suggestion to steam them, Mom! They were really light)

And here's what we made last night for our late-night dinner to break in my new Le Creuset pot:

Coq au Vin (Julia Child's recipe, found online here) with roasted brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes

The new pot, with lid:

First of many Le Creuset meals to come, I'm sure.


Sue said...

Hey Jamie, I love your photos and descriptpions. They make me hungry.
I am going to try to cook my first Thai dish today with dad as consultant.

Love, Mom

Jaemus said...

Hi Mom, glad you like the photos. I should call soon, I want to hear about how your first Thai dish turned out!


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